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35 thoughts on “You call it ego I call it self respect | motivational video for men | men’s motivation

    1. @Lucy Kelly also, some people actually do behave in that manner. You’ve clearly been sheltered or something.

  1. Even as a woman myself y’all don’t have to respect woman if they don’t respect you 💁‍♂️👌🏻👁👄👁

    1. @عزير بافنع a women can’t alone bring someone into the world both genders are required, and remember this my friend: “don’t respect someone by their gender respect them if they deserve it”.

    2. @VIJAY MANE and what world is that? Because in my world equity is better than equality! Respect comes in a lot of ways dude! However it is the person’s actions that we despise not the person! All of us here made mistakes to our family, friends and to our work! However they don’t automatically hate us however the constant same mistake means you have no respect for the other party thus you don’t want to learn from the mistake! Respect comes when you are mature enough to respect your decision and go all the way even if you fail!

    3. @Yehoida Marshall Yes bro, she miserly gave just a meagre spill of coke to him while he was so generous with a full size cake.😂

  2. Yeah I believe that quote.
    Many people in my class don’t respect me. So I respect the people that respect me

  3. Real Men only respect those who respect you no gender based begging allowed when it comes to self respect 👍

  4. I totally feel this video. I return what’s given. Imagined getting disrespected on a daily basis! Then get looked at as if you are wrong!🤷‍♀️

  5. Even as a women myself y’all dont have to respect the women if they dont respect you just respect thise people who desrve to be respected
    Self respect is most important

  6. Good job, man… I respect and I love it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. You should respect brother we all should because you know the people are who hates you are jealous from you and only those people are jealous of you those who cannot compete with you and also womens are type of vulnerable so a powerful person never shows his power to the vulnerable so always remember a real men always respect womens

  8. Well done! When someone disrespects, always treat them the same. You get what you give! She deserved it!

    1. He means that men dont have to be always what you call it? Ah yes gentleman or whatever bullcrap, for example a girl punches you for no reason thinking “ah you wont hit me i am a girl after all and you love me”, like theres a girl in our class that always queens around at boys and hits them for no reason knowing boys wont hit her but when she tried to boss me around I hit her with a chair and told the principal that shes lying and she also doesnt have proof and like the whole class didnt turn me in cuz all of em are my friends

    1. Nobody can disrespect your ego like this and just walk away with it, without you being able to do revenge on their ego.

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