/What Does Un-Awakened Divine Feminine Energy Look Like?

What Does Un-Awakened Divine Feminine Energy Look Like?

Throughout history, the masculine energy has been revered and harnessed while the feminine energy has been oppressed. The world is yet to see the awaken Healthy Divine Masculine energy and the awaken Healthy Divine Feminine energy within all of us. Please note that when we refer to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine we don’t talk about genders or sexual preferences but rather the ENERGY we hold within us, comprising of belief systems, thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions.

In this article we’ll explore some of the signs of the un-awakened and damaging feminine energy (to self and others):

Because of the patriarchal society that most of us grew up in, we have adopted many disempowering programs, beliefs, habits and behaviors about what the feminine energy represents.

Having asked this question in my workshops, many women but also men still see the feminine energy as inferior to masculine energy. Many women are pretending to be more masculine to feel safe, worthy, respected and strong. And many men still feel deeply ashamed to admit that they operate from the feminine energy. Even those who have chosen very creative professions such as photographers, designers or life coaches dreaded to admit that it is their feminine energy within them that drives them, inspires them and empowers their vision like nothing else ever could.

Because most children when growing up were made to believe that the feminine energy was weak or weaker than masculine (which is not true), both women and men in their adult life choose to hide it and don’t feel comfortable expressing it. Many of us have adopted such disempowering beliefs, habits and programs that actually drained us of the ability to express the Divine feminine essence in its raw authentic power. So many people believe that to be successful in life one must be only practical, rational, logical, always chase, push, hassle and control (masculine energy). While these qualities can be valuable at times, it’s not enough to live a fulfilling and balanced life! If we only ever operate from the Masculine energy, we will never fully express our true potential and the extraordinary beauty of the healthy Divine feminine energy within us will be left untapped.

The truth is that deep with every woman and man we long to embrace, honor and surrender to our natural feminine essence and express its beauty through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions. We long to be deeply intimate, vulnerable, accepting and honest in the front of one another without having to hide. We long to nourish our soul and nurture each other with only love and bliss. We long to be understood and held. We all deeply long to feel safe and trust when in the presence of one another.

So what prevents us from doing that? The answer is simple, yet complex. Most people are so unaware of their own energy (beliefs, thoughts, feelings, intentions, habits, and actions) that they sabotage themselves left, right and center, only to want to blame it on someone else. Most of us were conditioned to operate from a place of victimhood, instead of a self-empowerment and reflection. We take the easy road, we run from intimacy, we seek approval or chase after unavailable people (because unconsciously it reminds us of the relationship dynamic we’ve had with our neglectful mother or father – which were our first-ever relationships). We fail to look within and heal our past wounds because that’s ‘too intense’. But if we continue to operate from this place of victimhood, we only ever attract the same reality over and over.

So few people understand this, that it’s become my passion and mission to teach it.

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? How does this victimhood transpire in the Unhealthy un-awakened Divine Feminine energy within both women and men?

– needing external validation, being superficial, avoiding intimacy, running from honesty (with self and others), being demanding, sulky, jealous, manipulative, contradictive, self-sacrificing for others, feeling like a victim, being needy, insecure, lacking self-trust and healthy self-esteem, playing games with others, being erratic, ungrounded, emotionally hungry, desperate, scattered, fearful, seductive, possessive, vindictive, rigid, not willing to trust and being overly controlling.

The above behaviors tend to provide a FALSE SENSE OF SAFETY which is DEEPLY FLAWED and unfulfilling. And we all feel it!

Divine feminine energy needs to be paired and balanced with Divine masculine energy.

Divine feminine energy needs to be paired and balanced with Divine masculine energy.

? Here are some examples of how this may manifest in a Twin Flame connection:

– The person with their dominant unhealed feminine energy

  • tends to chase the masculine with the intention to possess and feel safe to love. Because Twin Flame love is fundamentally based on freedom and balance, your twin will run from you when your feminine energy is out of alignment with your healthy Divine Feminine essence.
  • can be jealous or even vindictive as I have seen in some of my students who were not even aware of it.
  • can be insecure, with a poor self-image that is rooted in victimhood, unworthiness and not being enough as is.
  • lacks trust
  • not willing to surrender to love, intimacy and vulnerability
  • impatient and has a tendency to want to control the outcome at all costs (out of fear that it may not go her way and she will feel pain)
  • needing to be right
  • gossiping and over-indulging. Can be extremely critical of others which is a compensation strategy to hide her own wound of not feeling enough, worthy, beautiful or capable.
  • not willing to look at her past pains and heal them. Chooses to blame, point finger at the external people and circumstances. Seeks reassurance and validation from friends and family that her behavior is right and that yes she has been wronged by others (classic victimhood).
  • unaware of her own belief systems, disempowering language that keeps recreating the miserable reality.
  • not willing to learn how to process emotions in a healthy way. Looks for shortcuts to blame.
  • seeks love and support from others by complaining about how others treat her, wronged her or didn’t give her what she wanted.
  • Lacks healthy boundaries with others. Often over gives to others out of fear of causing a conflict or losing a friendship.

❤️ Use these powerful trigger questions to stimulate self-reflection to bring your Divine Feminine Energy into balance:

  1. Can you recognize aspects of these energies within you, your own behaviors and actions you take in love and life?
  2. Where do you have fixed limiting beliefs and are unwilling to learn, grow, surrender to love and let go of egoic illusions?
  3. Where do you operate from a place of fear, jealousy, control, impatience and lack of trust?
  4. Where do you give your power away and feel like a victim?
  5. Where do you judge others and are unwilling to forgive?
  6. Where do you run from true love and intimacy because you are afraid to be vulnerable, naked in your beauty and free from all judgment?
  7. Where do you have beliefs (that are not even yours) on how you should be in this world, who you should love, how you should feel, what you should do to be considered beautiful, successful, respected, lovable, worthy, safe etc…?
  8. Are you willing to drop the ‘SHOULDS’ and create new beliefs that represent only love, honesty, authenticity, deep intimacy with your true self, deep respect for self and others and willingness to stand strong in your healthy Feminine essence

As we heal both energies within, we will no longer project limitations or past pains externally and therefore can create harmony within ourselves and with our beloved, as well as the rest of humanity. This is what it means to embody THE ONENESS – the biggest mission of Twin flames on Earth right now.

And remember, that true mastery of self takes time, patience and practice…

much love and blessings,


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