/Too Busy For Meditation? Part 1

Too Busy For Meditation? Part 1


As someone interested in meditation, you have no doubt heard about the myriad of benefits to be gained from making this path a regular part of your life.

You already know about the positive effects on everything from brain health, to your relationships and how many elite athletes and successful business people attribute their success to cultivating a daily meditation habit.

While all of these powerful benefits sound amazing, for people with very full lives the truth is;

Meditation takes up space in your life.

While devoted practitioners will tell you that meditation makes space in your life, it is just as true to say it takes up space too.

Whether you are committing to ten minutes a day or 2 hours, sitting down to meditate takes time. And while the long list of benefits are enticing for those interested in taking on this practice, the main obstacle for many people when it comes to committing to regular meditation is usually surrounding the perceived lack of time.

“I would love to practice meditation every day, but I’m too busy.”

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day to add meditation to my schedule.”

“I know meditation is so good for me, but life is too hectic right now to do it.”

Sound familiar?

As an author, yoga teacher and mother of a toddler I can relate to all of this. But over the years I have come to see the “busy problem” less as a deterrent to regular practice and more as an opportunity for growth and clarity.

Re-Thinking Busy

It may seem confusing at first but being “too busy” is just as much an opportunity as it is an obstacle. But it does require you to re-think your relationship to your “busy-ness”.

I recorded a podcast about this topic, but recently I was out for dinner with friends who both own and manage several businesses. They have very full social lives and are parents to an energetic little one themselves.

If anyone is allowed to wear the “busy” badge it is these two.

Interestingly they don’t see things that way. One of my friends said that when he hears people talk about how hectic their schedules are he translates it to mean “my life is out of control.”

It was a fantastic point, especially powerful when it comes to those of us who think we are truly too busy to meditate. If your life feels busy and hectic to take on a meditation practice, don’t overlook the ways you have created it to be that way.

Also, consider if you had to say “my life is out of control” each time you were tempted to say “I am SOOOO busy” how that would feel.

Now, I understand that you have demands on our energy and our time, but in most cases, no one forces you to take on more than you can handle or tells you how to use your time. When life is out of control, it is almost always because you have consciously or unconsciously designed it that way.

The Good News

If you can relate to feeling trapped by your “busy-ness”, the good news is there is a wonderful opportunity there.

Meditation is one of the best tools you can use to regain ownership of your life. Think of it as “Busy Person Rehab.”

Sitting down and giving your full attention to the spaciousness of your being is a beautiful way of putting your life into perspective. Giving yourself the gift of time and space free from your schedule or to-do list can serve as a gentle reminder to slow down and avoid overbooking yourself so you can enjoy your precious life.

Wearing the “busy badge” can be a huge obstacle for many would-be meditators, but with a slight shift of perspective, you can build a regular meditation habit and enjoy the benefits of this path.

In Part 2: Tips for the “Busy” Meditator I will share practical tools and tips you can use to help you get out of the busy trap and start enjoying a regular mediation.