/The Top 3 Blessings Of Being An Empath

The Top 3 Blessings Of Being An Empath

If you identify with the term “empath”, you understand that you have an uncanny ability for sensing the emotions of others, whether they are in the same room or hundreds of miles away from you. The Internet is full of articles about how to protect yourself and your energy as an empath. While we often look at the great responsibility that comes with this gift and its potential to be draining, we rarely look at the positive aspects of it.

This may cause you to wonder what is good about your ability and you may wish that you had a different superpower – for instance, clairvoyance or mediumship. Empathy can help you help others, but when it comes to helping yourself, you might feel at a loss. After all, the very nature of your gift causes you to be tuned in to other people, and sometimes you can tune in so much that you take on things that are not yours. Being “selfish” does not come naturally to you at all.

What if I told you that you can use your ability to create wonderful things for yourself too? Check your blessings below and be sure to focus on them more often than what you perceive as the “disadvantages” of being an empath. What you focus on the most is ultimately what will be true in your reality.

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Blessing #1: You can learn and understand things without being told or having to go through unpleasant confrontations.

A year into my first job, my boss noticed how well I was doing and decided to put me in charge of training new hires. These hires were fresh out of college and like me, so I saw them as my peers and equals, and this was evident in my training style. I quickly built rapport with my “students” and joked around with them, something which the team leads picked up on when they sat in on a couple of my classes and quickly communicated to my boss.

A few days later, my boss called me into his office to ask me how the training was going and indirectly tell me to adjust my methods. One of the first things he said was, “Thank you for keeping this training professional, Holley.”

The tone of his voice and expression in his eyes when he said the word “professional” felt off to me in that moment, although I could not place why immediately. As his remark bounced around in my head for the rest of that week, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he wanted me to adjust my training style. I knew the team leads had told him I was friendly and joking around with the new hires. Whether I agreed with them was not the issue, but I knew I had to change my methods to avoid a more direct and potentially uncomfortable conversation with my boss.

You can use your gift for picking up quickly on people’s responses to you in your own career advancement. The sensations you pick up on may sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it can be those very nuances that motivate you to make adjustments that will help you get ahead.

Blessing #2: You understand people and their needs, and sometimes you can use this understanding to achieve more harmonious connections.

Being an empath can be a huge blessing at the office.

Being an empath can be a huge blessing at the office.

If you work in an office, chances are that you know at least one person that people complain about. This person has a habit or a way of behaving that causes people to lose patience with them quickly. Maybe you’ve lost patience with them a couple of times too, but you differ from most people because you can understand why this person behaves that way. You know he or she has something deeper beneath the surface that most people can’t see – whether that’s a turbulent home life or too much stress – and it gives you a level of compassion for this person that many people cannot access.

You can sense the intentions and emotions behind this person’s actions, and most of the time, you feel for them. You choose not to participate in the office gossip about this person, and if you ever have to collaborate with them on a task, it’s not as difficult for you as it would be for most people. You have a compassionate way of listening to and heeding this person that can help establish a more cooperative working relationship if you play your cards well. Yes, it helps to establish boundaries and wear your obsidian, but we rarely stop to embrace the understanding that is our gift in these situations.

Others around you will be amazed by your dealings with “difficult” people and your ability to make situations more harmonious. It’s win-win! Keep shining.

Blessing #3: You can use your intuitive understanding of emotions to navigate your relationships successfully.

This is especially true if you are in a strong soulmate connection or relationship where the path forward is not always clear. Your gift can help you navigate turbulent relationships that you wish to heal. Since you can sense the intentions and feelings behind words and actions, you can trust these more than what people do or say.

There are a few relationships in my life that I am working to heal. Sometimes I become disheartened by things people say or a perceived distance between myself and them. In my times of feeling triggered and focusing on lack and fear, I have wanted to act in these vibrations. This is why it is always a good idea to give yourself a few days to let the trigger fall away.

Let yourself be upset but without a need to involve the other person or the expectation that they should be the one to help you feel better. When you’re calm and thinking and acting from a higher vibration, you get flashes of insight about the reasoning behind another person’s words or actions. These can help you respond in a way that doesn’t push away the one you love.

Being an empath is a huge blessing and will help you go far in life and love. All it takes is a shift in your perspective.