/The Power Of Visualization In The Process Of Manifestation

The Power Of Visualization In The Process Of Manifestation

Visualization is not child’s play. It is the spark that ignites inside an individual that transforms the notions of thoughts and the mind processing towards the creation of reality. You have tried a lot of visualizations but it did not come true?

I hope you are doing that equation right. It is all about predicting the future of your life through your own free will. Success is equally proportional to what we desire in our life, even if it is the size of a pea. Once you set your focus and affirmations over the actions that you want the Universe to carry forward for you. That is the time when you give permission to your thoughts to transfer themselves into the vibration and synchronization towards existence.

Sound easy right? You think and it happens. Now, here is where the entire game changes.

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How visualization works

Our needs, wants, and desire is necessary to be delivered to the Higher realm. It may be processed through any medium. But the real connection lies with the subconscious mind that regulates the whole activity of the transformation. To regulate your subconscious mind, you need to befriend your conscious mind as it is the pathway to the deeper level of thinking, and if it is distracted or not under your control, the results might turn out to be different.

To bring a subtle balance between your conscious and the subconscious mind, you need to calm your body, mind, and soul at the very first priority. Take some time and relax. Make yourself feel comfortable in your own world. Let go of all the negative vibes, distractions, and auras that have been holding you back. Focus on what you readily want to achieve or have the wish to achieve.

Quiet rooms and soothing music along with a pure aura of incense sticks or diffusers help a lot in calming down the thought process of the mind. Visualization is all about making your mind tune into a belief that no matter whatever the situation looks like, it will always turn to your favor. You do not need to be frustrated or anxious while dealing with it. The Universe vibrates in the frequency that you bestow towards it. If it is right thought, right situations will occur, if your mind is occupied with negative thoughts, you are likely to fall in trouble.

Now, you might think that it is not that situation that is occurring with me. Why will I think and build up false hopes? The answer is, for the time being, it might give you a feel that it is lame and false but isn’t that what you want to achieve? If you keeping on thinking about it, it has to come in your life, whether you want or not. It is like a child trying to pursue his/her mother to get candy. It depends on the mother whether she will buy it for them or not. But the child keeps on trying and crying unless they get it and being a mother, she can not be deaf to their cries. Such is the situation in the process of Visualization, the more you want to achieve something with all your heart and soul, the more you are attracting it towards yourself.

The Universe showers us with something we already deserve to get but it depends on our mind or freewill whether we want to achieve it or let it go. Explore different things in life and when you feel that the desired situation, person, or life is what you genuinely want, start sticking to it no matter how conflicted you feel inside. Only if you truly want.

How to visualize for manifestation

Visualizations are not rocket science. It must provide you with a sense of satisfaction, calmness, and happiness from inside that everything is happening for you. You need to confluence yourself with this mind-set that it has already reached you and you are jumping with happiness. Make an equal match with your spiritual and your physical world.

If you are thinking of a job or a person you love, think how would it be if you are already enjoying that phase? In your job, your boss is blessing you with a promotion along with a new project that you had an eye on. You are also provided with good increments, enough to make you happy. Moreover, you are getting a leave for your holidays. In your love life, the one you are meant to have already came to your life, he/she is pampering you with everything that you have ever desired for. The love compatibility between you and your partner is ethereal. Their hugs and kisses make you feel alive.

You must make it a daily ritual of conducting a session for about 15 to 20 minutes to encourage and evolve the path of visualization on what you madly want. Your mind is an empty canvas. The way you paint it, the more colorful it will appear to be. The most essential and pivotal part of the Visualization process is to let go of all the expectations and keep the belief backed with the hope that it will manifest for sure. You do not need to worry about the outcome as it is already yours.

The concept of “How and When” are the enemies or the hurdles between you and your manifestation as mentioned by Lao Tzu. Forget about when it will happen and enjoy the blissful moment of “Now”. With the hope and faith that the Universe will take care of it, you shine out a belief towards it that you trust the Universe. How and When only contradicts the situation leading it to negativity.

Visualize for the specific time, let go of the desire and get involved in your daily schedule of living life. Follow your passion or a hobby that you solemnly love or have a great conversation with your family or friends. Your positive thought can create a huge difference at the moment that you have never imagined of.

With the art of letting go of the activity, you detach yourself from the situation, making space for the outcome to happen even faster than expected. When you are attached to something, you form fear of losing it and that creates a sense of incompleteness in your mind, whereas when you are detached from the consequence, you mind elevates towards peacefulness, creating a larger assurance towards the success of the visualization.


The ending process of the manifestation through the visualization is being grateful to everything that you have been granted by the Divine. Your existence is all because of that powerful force. When you shower gratitude towards it, you make sure that at the end of the day, you have a clean heart and a pure mind which holds no grudge or envy towards others. You only know how to be compassionate and loving towards others. That is how you create good karma for your future.

Visualization is the door to Reality. Create a beautiful one for yourself.