/Spiritual Marriage: 8 Keys To Build Lasting Relationships

Spiritual Marriage: 8 Keys To Build Lasting Relationships

Finding that special someone who loves and cherishes you and promises to be by your side through all ups and downs of life is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have. But cultivating a healthy relationship that lasts for a lifetime is not as easy as it sounds – it requires a lifetime of effort as well.

At some point or another, every couple is bound to face tough times. It might be monetary problems, trust issues, lack of communication or just a nagging feeling that the ‘spark’ is dying down. But what if there was a way to guarantee that the spark would last forever so that even in the midst of crisis, you and your spouse would remember the higher calling, enabling you to work your way out of the problems and continue journeying towards your happily ever after?

According to the ancient teachings of Buddhism, spiritual practices like meditation can not only help you become more alert and active, but they also have the power to improve your relationships and ensure marital success.

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How meditation and spiritual practices help in building healthy relationships

Relationships that are rooted in a spiritual connection have a greater chance of survival. This is because when both partners share the same spiritual beliefs and practices and are bonded through their spiritual energy, they develop a deep appreciation for each other and are able to stay connected despite any circumstances that might try to pull them apart.

Based on recent research conducted by the Max Plank Institute in Germany, dyadic meditation—a spiritual practice where couples meditate together—is directly linked to improving the way partners feel about one another. Clinical trials revealed that establishing this practice helped couples feel closer and become more kind, loving, and compassionate. It also enabled them to fully embrace the emotions that they feel at different times in life, including negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

Meditating helps people keep track of their thoughts. This, in turn, has a positive impact on their relationships as they are able to distance themselves from unwanted thoughts and enjoy the moments with their partners to the fullest.

Meditation and spiritual practices help in building deep and lasting relationships because of the incredible benefits that they have on mental health. They help you become more aware of yourself and strengthen you from the inside by making you more resilient to hidden influences and small everyday issues that can otherwise severely affect on your relationship.

So, whether you have a spouse or are still on the journey to find your significant other, if you want your marriage to be successful and last for a lifetime, you might want to consider adopting similar practices. The following are eight exercises that you can practice in addition to or while meditating. This will help you build a lasting relationship by turning your marriage into a ‘spiritual marriage’ – after all, a relationship without spirituality is like a body without a soul.

8 keys to building a lasting relationship

Lasting relationships can be strengthened by finding time to connect with spirituality.

Lasting relationships can be strengthened by finding time to connect with spirituality.

1) Discover your inner self

Meaningful relationships start with self-reflection and self-evaluation. Focus on your inner self, what you care about, what your passion is, and what you really want in life (or from your relationship for that matter). Knowing your deepest wants helps you stay firm in the face of challenges.

2) Slow down

Take the time to slow down and ‘consciously’ notice what you are feeling inside. Pondering over the recent as well as past events enables you to manage your emotions and respond to situations in a proactive manner instead of a reactive one.

3) Tune in to the field of energy

If you have ever picked up the positive or negative ‘vibes’ from another person, you have experienced their field of energy. Staying optimistic gives off positive energy which plays a vital role in how your spouse or anyone around you feels about you.

4) Commit to something higher

Your aim and aspirations in life have a huge impact on your relationships and the way you interact with others. Whatever you seek from your marriage ultimately defines how long it will actually last. If all you want is a sense of security, emotional or perhaps financial support, there’s a high chance that you won’t be satisfied in the long run. However, if you seek to become a better version of yourself, then you will be constantly working to improve yourself and this will reflect positively on your relationship with your loved one.

5) Become your ideal partner

Remember the old saying practice what you preach? It can help improve relationships as well. List down the qualities that you wish to see in your ‘ideal’ partner, and try to develop those qualities in yourself. Your good habits will automatically encourage your spouse to do the same.

6) Cleanup the failed relationships of the past

Find a quiet corner and think about your past relationships. Many people don’t realize it, but your experience with previous partners plays affects how you feel towards and engage with your spouse. For example, if your past relationships didn’t work despite your best efforts, it might lead to a sense of insecurity in your marriage as well. Try to let go of such feelings. Forgive your exes for what they did and appreciate that it all brought you to your special one.

7) Cultivate radical self-love

A successful marriage does not always mean putting your partner’s needs above your own. To maintain strong and healthy relationships, self-love is necessary as well. Treat yourself with the sacred love, care, and attention that you give to your spouse because to receive true and lasting love, you must first give it to your own self.

8) Vibrate on the same frequency

If you don’t actually meditate with your partner, you can still ensure that you vibrate on the same frequency by getting involved in other activities to spend more time together. Go on a fun date, talk about your interests, watch a movie together and of course, hug and cuddle more frequently as well. Building a lasting relationship requires constant and conscious efforts. Foster these habits to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with the person whom you hold so close to your heart.