How To Show Extreme Confidence Under Pressure

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For many men, Don Draper is the epitome of confidence. What most people don’t realize is that confidence actually comes in two flavors. There is the external confidence that you project, which can make closing deals, making friends or seducing happen more naturally. There is also the internal confidence you feel which is how comfortable you are in any given situation.

In this video, we’re going to analyze what Don can teach us about both levels of confidence, and how mastering each level can take you from being nervous to completely confident in any situation.


0:41 – Lesson #1: His relaxed body language.
2:58 – Lesson #2: Don is non-reactive.
5:18 – Lesson #3: He doesn’t try to convince other people.
6:57 – Lesson #4: The belief that he will be okay, no matter what.

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65 thoughts on “How To Show Extreme Confidence Under Pressure

  1. Believing that no matter what happens you’re going to be fine anyway is always a great mindset to have

    1. nah if you’re in a tense situation and you think like this , it’s like you’re already thinking about the end result which imo is not a good idea.

  2. * Be relaxed
    – Spread out (standing, sitting being spread)
    – Move freely around
    – People have to work for attention
    – Selective eye contact ( give attention when making a point ; if the other person is doing it, then stare)

    * Be Non-reactive
    – Stay silent under pressure ( give pauses to think)
    – Don’t fidget under pressure

    * Dont try to convince people
    – Frame yourself as a equal partner ( in a negotiation; You are screening them as much as they are screening you)
    – Be willing to walk away ( not emotionally; if its clear that it signifies your confidence; Looks we’re not a match, wish you all the best)

    * Believe that you’ll be okay
    – Even if you do something that will prove a loss, be confident and know that you wont ever lose your own trust.

  3. getting detached from reality made me the most confident person ive ever known lol, the key is not caring guys, your fears controlling you, if you overcome them then your anxiety is gone.. everyone is too invested in their own life, they dont care if your hair’s not that good

    1. I get myself naturally confidence, when late at evening or middle of night I can relax alone and so thats has build me confidence for the next day I walk out, but still I do feel anxiety, if im stalked too much.

  4. Practice keeping your word everyday you’ll really gain confidence. Every time you say you’re gonna do something and don’t do it, your self-esteem diminishes no matter how meaningless the task may seem. Take your word very serious.

  5. If you spend time getting to know yourself, and learn to love and accept that person then you strengthen the most important relationship of your life, the one you have with yourself. If that relationship is solid then you always have an inner safe haven no matter what is going on around you. That self love and understanding allows you to stay true to yourself in every situation, that is the deepest form of confidence.

    1. Yes but also improving that old self version of you is necessary sometimes, not only accepting it, doing something about if you feel unhappy about certain aspects of yourself

  6. This is the most incredible,understandable video on confidence I’ve came across by far , keep it up honestly .

  7. Such a great series too. It’s all about finding a path to happiness and how we’re all sold a false idea of what that is. The show asks if we can change enough to be a better person, love ourselves, and find authentic joy. Don is living the idea of the American Dream, which makes him extremely confident, but inside he’s a mess. He goes on on journey from realizing how shallow his “perfect life” is to accepting his truly self. And every episode it like a short story, hitting upon a different theme that explores this idea.

    Highly recommended if you haven’t seen it.

    1. After watching this video I’m actually considering watching Madmen even though it’s not my kind of thing at all.

  8. Realizing that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay, is exactly how I survived my childhood. I used to stress so much then after so many dramatic plot twists, I realized if I survived all that, I will survive whatever else comes my way and that’s when I stopped stressing as much. I hadn’t really connected it with confidence before but I can see the connection now. Interesting. 🤔

    1. Same here. I am the only one who is not afraid to speak up, regardless of their position. After you collect your guts to stand up to your parents, you have no fear standing up to anyone 🙂

  9. “You’ll stop worrying that someone will reject you because you’ll never reject yourself.” That is brilliant! Well done!!!

  10. I feel like a big part of Don’s character is that even HE has his own issues with self-confidence, but he never let’s people see that. When he does, that’s when we start to see the layers peel back and Don’s true self starts to show.

    It’s really all about how you project yourself to the world and those around you.

    1. Not necessarily the point. The point is to have true enough confidence in yourself to be able to be vulnerable in front of others, and not in a poor me way.

    2. And then you realize that real confidence and real freedom is not having to “project” yourself to anyone .

  11. Your videos are awesome! I’m loving them so much I’m watching some that doesn’t seem so much applicable to me. Still I get some gems on them. The advice to internalise the belief that everything is gonna be ok hit me hard. I have a fear of being alone and I’m solving this with therapy, but your explanation made total sense to me. Really thinking and believing that would solve almost all the social awkwardness I usually have.

  12. One thing this video misses, and probably the one most important thing is that confidence comes from within. You can stand in any way you want, dress as fancy as you like and have enough money to make king Solomon blush, but if inside you’re still insecure the world will see it. Love yourself, know you’re worthy, and never let the outside effect or diminish the inside. Don’t try and be or imitate someone else, be who you are and love it. One thing this video gets right: Know you’re gonna be ok no matter what. ‘Nough said, love to you all xxx

    1. I agree. This is the whole point of Don Draper throughout the show, and we see him eventually break down in the end. You can try faking it till you make it, but that only works if it stops being fake and becomes natural.

      The tips themselves are quite helpful but it is definitely NOT a good idea to try and emulate Don Draper haha.

    2. Hahaha yess.. It can be rlly hard sometimes.. But once you MASTER your own way to take care of yourself and love yourself, you will be UNSTOPPABLE, mark my words: i still havent done this with myself, im not that close to it, with others constantly weighing me down :'(.. But once i do.. Heh.. This world will see a legend, a beauty, a master of her crafts

    3. @IWillgetAYorkie This made me smile. Hopefully you get the rewards you’re looking for out of this.

  13. That last point about true, unshakeable confidence in yourself is absolutely golden. That’s what it all boils down to. Brilliantly put, thank you!

  14. We need this curriculum in today’s schools & make it mandatory for all students unfortunately this is something schools never teach us & as a 25 Yr old I can vouch for all adults when I say your degrees, grades & education doesn’t matter if you’re not able to express yourself. Until you’re confident in you own skin you can never be successful.Period..!

  15. 1)Relaxed Body language
    2)Selective eye contact
    3)Non-Reactiveness/Silence/Patient response
    4)Framing the situation
    5)No matter what… you will be okay.
    6)don’t try to convince other people
    7)willing to walk away

  16. 1.Have a relax body language and more freely in every environment. Have selective eye contact and make eye contact when your doing a main point. Do not over react and stay non reactive. Remain in silence to think or when confused. SLOW DOWN

    2.Make yourself seem as equals with others. Do not get angry and stay calm

    3.believe that you will be okay in every situation no matter what

  17. New to this channel Really like what I have seen an heard Have been going through this stuff for 28yrs of sobriety The pause is one of the best things to master Also from Jorden Peterson that you have talked about you want to be thought of as dangerous And the stance is part of it Comand the pace Thanks like your channel

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