How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever & The Power of Your Unconscious Mind | Peter Sage | TEDxPatras

Why do seemingly intelligent people procrastinate? Are there really hidden patterns and belief systems within us that conspire against our best intentions? In this talk, human behaviour expert, Peter Sage, exposes some of the hidden reasons and unconscious patterns that cause us to self-sabotage and explains what we can do to change them.

Visit TEDxPatras at Peter Sage is a well known international serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher, personal growth expert, and teacher. His unique way of looking at and relating to life has inspired millions of people worldwide to reinvent themselves. Whether by improving or turning around a business or developing a new and empowering psychology through practical yet profound shifts in awareness, Peter hopes his insights and teachings can offer something of value to those who seek it. To find out more about Peter, visit his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel at This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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64 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever & The Power of Your Unconscious Mind | Peter Sage | TEDxPatras

  1. Been listening to a lot of TED talks recently while I’m doing chores and they make my mood so much better. I highly recommend them for anyone who’s trying to be in a positive mindset.

    1. @Macy Sondheim I listen music allll the time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t listen to other things too lmao..

    2. Just started listening more as well! Ending the night of with this message, which is well needed!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s been too long and need to get back to me!

  2. “If you don’t become the star of the movie of your life, you’ll be an extra in somebody else’s.” Pure gold.

    This may be one of the best TED Talks on the net.

    1. There are more informative Ted talk than this one imo. She’s very bright and that was some good slam poetry, but I haven’t learned anything from it.

    2. @souleater0815 That is the point of the talk. You will have to do it for yourself. It is just a guiding light, and a bright one, at that.

    3. @Stratosphere other than your soul will live for eternity. If you live your life for God or not its your choice where you will spend eternity.

  3. I always liked the phrase, “We accept the love we think we deserve”. I’ve found that to be very true.

    1. @Peang Sandra Actions speak louder than words. It’s a learning process that can’t be explained in words. You have to experience it for yourself to understand.

    2. @JS God is love your answers are in the Bible. It’s God love note to us and to save us from damnation for eternity. Read Mathew,Mark ,John and Psalms .

    3. @MzMars719 I noticed your reply just now and I can really relate to what you were saying. Thank you for putting that into words. Makes me think.

    4. @GMC I’m not necessarily a very religious person, but I’ve been meaning to read the bible out of curiosity and for knowledge. I’m sure there’s great wisdom to it. Thank you for the advice!

    1. @Joh I’m not even sure it’s true. With good mentoring or coaching, people can do hugely better than their own opinion. Many great creators had terrible self-esteem but still created amazing stuff. Not hard to find them now that so many people talk about their mental health as well as their achievements.

    2. The opinion you have of yourself depends a lot on the environment that shapes you. It’s important not only to work on oneself but to change that unfavorable environment.

    3. Environment can also refer to people who are long dead but whose negative presence in the form of memories still speaks to us and still affects us.

    4. @Mads Without know our might God we will be searching for ever. I recommend praying & reading the new testament. I was suicidal for years killing myself with drugs. God sent me the holy spirit & a fire cleansed me in an instant! I was living in sin lost for 30 plus years. God ❤️ you ! People don’t have any answers without the holy spirit and the Word of God. Just endless searching….

    5. @ntk The Bible is much deeper. It’s truth and the and to life’s questions. Jesus said I’m the truth and the life whoever comes to me will be saved . …..eternity is a choice where your soul will go. God ❤️ you!

    1. I see the people that you follow and the videos you post, you are capable of growing and becoming what you want to be . Whether you’re doing it for fun , money or fame . I think you’re capable just keep pushing and uploading your vids . Even when you feel like it’s not going anywhere don’t give up and try to find a way to reinvent yourself . I highly you recommend you pick up this book called “How to Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill . I’m about halfway through rn and it’s been changing the way I view myself .

    2. That’s wassup. One thing he mentions that I did ‘preach’ to my young nieces is regarding the importance of your peers, may be even more important than family bc at that age, that’s who you’ll listen to and emulate, not family. So I always told girls their circle is very important. Be discerning, make sure they have goals, make sure they are smarter than or at least as intelligent as you, make sure they’re boutitboutit, trying to be and have something in life. Good for you young lady. Hope you get to have peers who lift you up and inspire your greatest self. At my age, it’s an entirety different conversation unless I hand over big funds for a good life-coach cause I’m probably not making too many new friends. So pick your crew wisely, even if it gets narrowed down to one good friend …cause they are harder to gain as you get older.

  4. Great TED talk – we have to master ourselves and ultimately be the change we want to see in the world. Wonderful pearls of wisdom.

  5. What an awesome TED talk, this reminded me to stay intentional about the things we say to ourselves as it will inhibit us from proceeding forward in our lives. “Stop putting things in” really resonated because it encompasses everything we let in our own world that can either help us or hinder us from becoming our best selves! Thank you @petersage

  6. “People will never rise above the opinion of themselves.” Thank you for the awakening and the inspiration.

  7. This should be the 1st lesson taught in all schools. We are our thoughts. That is our reality, and how we CAN change it. We are the one we’ve been looking for, it has been there from the beginning.

  8. I try to change my habit and life style by waking up 6 AM although I actually wish to wake up at 5 AM but this is still okay, and I exercise, drink water, eat breakfast while listening to a lot of TED talk motivations before I start doing anything productive. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now. It definitely affects my day positively. My day is a lot better and productive. My mindset is better.

    1. @zcsaerin great job and advice! You also should seriously think about where you are going to spend eternity. I’m more concerned about that. You maybe already know Jesus and you are saved. I am I sure can get distracted from my prayer life and ignore my relationship with Jesus. God Bless you 🙏

    2. @Joan Taylor Amen ! I’m going through this long season of grief and sadness. Age 46 both my parents passed away the same month my wife divorced me to live with someone else who was a liar and theif with my 3 young kids 🙁 . It broke my heart. I had 2 surgeries in 2010 . I was forced to leaves my job I loved of 21 years. I was saved & baptized few years after ! Life was great I had nothing ! I was happy to have Jesus in my life i felt true happiness for the first time! I moved to be close to my kids now grown up and over 23-27. I’m just tired and alone nothing was like it was before. I was so glad to be near my kids they are so busy with there own lives . I went to church near me. Wasn’t the same . 8 years later I’m trying to get close to the Lord as I once was. It’s difficult living alone and isolated. I know what I need to do. I’ve lost my desire to get back-up. I apologize for the long story. I want to live again and be happy is all I hope anyone else who sees this will pray that I can start living again. Thankyou ❤️ praying 🙏

  9. I enjoyed what Peter Sage had to say and self sabotage is certainly something I’ve struggled with for years. I’m my number 1 fan and I deserve better and I have a part to play in this world and I’m being selfish to continue this sort if behavior. Thank Peter!😊

  10. Notes:
    1. Stop putting the wrong things in (your brain/body). – 11:28
    2. Start putting the right things in. – 14:31
    3. Get the things that shouldn’t be in there, out. (Find a mentor who can help you navigate) – 15:17

    1. People never rise above the opinion of themselves.
    2. No one can love us more than we love ourselves.
    3. Environment trumps intention.
    4. Love your family, choose your friends.
    5. If you’re not acting as the star of the movie of your life, you’ll most likely be an extra in someone else’s.
    6. Be the change you want to see.

    1. That’s where it all goes wrong, start putting the right things in, this sentence is where procrastination starts, uhhh what is right and what is wrong if we would really know about that we wouldn’t have been here watching these videos

  11. This is fantastic. You can’t pour from an empty cup. I’ve been on a self mastery journey for over 20 years.The roots of self education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

  12. I like his statement “Love your family, choose your friends”. This TED talk summarized a lot of important topics in a short presentation.Well done.

  13. Key things he said:

    1. Stop putting the wrong things in. Consume the right content, hang around the right people, etc…
    2. Start putting the right things in. Focus on the good, focus on the POSITIVE!
    3. Get the things that shouldn’t be there, out. Work with a mentor/coach, that can reach in and find unconscious patterns to rip them out.

  14. These words fit me so well! I grew up without my dad, (he passed away) so I’ve always looked for a mentor and the lack of this, made me automatically choose my brother as one. I noticed that I’ve made choices based on my brother’s opinions. In other words, I tried to live the same life he lived and I was terrible at it. I was not happy and still today I am fighting with his ideas in my mind, but I have more consciousness about it than before. (He’s not a bad person, but his methods fits him better than me)

  15. I loved his comment “start taking charge of where you point your flash light.” Making a conscious decision to choose to see and embrace the positive in our world.

  16. One of the important things he said:

    By mastering our sense of self we’re able to walk into a room where everything’s descending into chaos and retain our center. When everything’s breaking down around us with the eye of the storm, it’s like “ move, I’ll handle that”. That’s the best way that you’ll be able to handle uncertainty.

    1. This is also one of the most misunderstood. This DOESN’T mean to take the power away from others to solve their own problems. It means to have the ability to stay calm and grounded when others are in chaos. The “move, I’ll handle that” could be read as taking control – and while that’s certainly necessary sometimes, especially in an emergency – it’s most often a bad idea, for both the self-reliant person and for others. Not only does it contribute to burnout, feeling a lack of appreciation and overwhelm on the part of the self-reliant person, it can cause others to feel a lack of self ability and self worth, lack of resilience and co-dependency for those whom the self-reliant person is “saving.” So all of the people in the situation come away feeling hurt, misunderstood and unhappy.
      Helping others build resiliency through your calm example and support on the other hand is a very healthy and good thing for all involved.
      As a recovering “fix-it” person, this is a very powerful and important distinction. Without it, that calm center is neither genuine nor long-lasting, and can be blown away with a single adverse event. Repeatedly. Sometimes, fatally.

  17. This Video was really eye opening.
    Thanks so much Peter for the way you simplified the topic and made brought it down to everyday experiences!

  18. TED talk it’s really good and inspiring. I love the positive and energetic message that is given to us

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