/How To Discover Your Dharma In This Time Of Crisis

How To Discover Your Dharma In This Time Of Crisis

“From the beginning, I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled. This gave me an inner security, and, though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me. I did not have the certainty, it had me. “ – Carl Jung

Many of us have become aware that our current reality in the time of this virus outbreak, isolation and also, our climate crisis is the universe and earth-shaking us up in order for us to move into divine alignment. We know that we collectively need to make the move away from capitalism and our greed of taking more than we need from the earth, from our bodies and each other. We understand that our current reality is a reflection of the way we have been collectively living. We have seen this shared and written about beautifully by many wonderful writers, teachers, creatives, etc.

The beauty of our current reality is that it highlights our oneness. We can no longer separate our pain from another. This may be something that many of us in this community may already know, but it makes it so much more real. We are learning the importance of working in alignment with the Earth and of being of service to ourselves, the collective & the earth.

But… how can we make this change?

I believe we have all incarnated in this time for a reason.

This ‘reason’ is our dharma. The word Dharma has many translations & meanings some of which include “way of righteousness” or “that which contains or upholds the cosmos”. It is a spiritual principle that sees everything as having a purpose in life everything from animals to humans. The thread that connects us with the divine and our intuition. The sooner we connect to understanding our dharma the sooner we can move towards alignment and fulfillment, which normally coincides with living in harmony with the earth and others. Our society is upheld by the dharma performed (or not performed) by each one of us.

Basically, the more of us living our divine path or dharma the greater the change for the collective.

Why connect with your Dharma?

This is your divine purpose, when you connect with it, it is all-consuming – in the best kind of way! It lights you up in ways you could not imagine, it is like an endless thirst for knowledge or a deep connection that brings you on an endless adventure, something that gets your attention and keeps you coming back for more again and again. This passion never runs out as it is in alignment with your soul’s calling and being poured to you from source.

Living your dharma brings meaning, abundance & fulfillment to your life. Everything falls into place. It becomes your most important relationship; of you & your Dharma because you know it is what you are here to do so you do everything you can to fulfill it! It makes you feel more whole as a person, it becomes a way of sacred living, an anchor to guide you.

Now, I know that knowing all of this is great but also extremely challenging, especially in these times and if you are not quite on the path to your dharma just yet. So, I will say first and foremost take care of yourself in this time. Do not rush or put pressure on yourself. Make sure that you are embodying everything that you may feel the call to preach or teach! Do all of your self-care rituals you would recommend to another; basically make yourself your first client. I say this because I have made these mistakes myself, pushed too much and ended up not taking care of myself.

When we embody what we want to share it all flows so. Much. Easier. I promise!

Taking care of you uplifts the collective’s vibration and you can then be of service to others.

Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Wherever you are in your work, your path, your life you are meant to be experiencing whatever it is that you are experiencing right now so you can be shaken or shifted into divine alignment.

So let’s dive in, find some tips & potentially some seeds of inspiration.

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Zoom out & tune into you


Diana Robinson

In this current reality, we are experiencing an even greater exposure to information and media. Some of which is important yes, some also very inspiring but this can also be a lot of chatter. This chatter can, as we know disconnect us from ourselves, from source & from nature. In these times it could be very easy to unknowingly replace the physical outside world with our online world within our homes. Manage your exposure to the noise especially to be able to tune into the quiet whispers within.

Take this time as a partial retreat from the external world, limit your time online absorbing external information so that you can find your wisdom within.

Meditate ~ connect with Source

“Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.” – Diana Robinson

Okay so replace the word ‘god’ with source/goddess/intuition/spirit whatever works for you; the message is the same when we quieten the outside world, the mind & the body we find a place of peace & connection to the divine. A place of contemplation & inner wisdom where we can journey & find the answers or threads to our soul’s calling. Another beautiful practice is to ask for guidance as you fall asleep, this is a sacred time when you are between worlds; the conscious & subconscious minds. Listen for the answers as you wake.

Notice what you are observing in society & feeling called to do in this time of crisis

Journal and meditate on some of these questions below.

How you are wanting to help others in this time? What areas in society are you seeing as most vulnerable? How have you helped yourself, what has worked for you? What solutions/lifestyle changes do you see needed? What areas of your lifestyle could you change moving forward? This can be anything from meditation to health to living in nature to growing your own food…..even a combination of all of the above. Remember, baby steps and moving at nature’s pace; don’t fall into perfectionism and overwhelm here.

How could you help people implement these ideas? What resources do you need? To study something? How would you share this information? What fears have come up for you in this time? Chances are the resources or changes you would like to see are a huge part of what your dharma could manifest to be!

What lights you up?

Follow the breadcrumbs of inspiration & joy to find clues of your dharma. What are some of your favorite things to do? What do others come to you for help with? What do you love to help people with? What are you always researching or talking or journaling about?

Get to know yourself…really well

free online


Astrology & Human Design are two fantastic resources you can check out to deepen your understanding of yourself, your dharma and how you should go about living your dharma and your life! You can study your charts for free online or better again book a session with an astrologer or Human Design reader! I love both of these systems as they have given me a lot of guidance and a deeper understanding of myself. Especially parts of myself that I may have perceived as ‘bad’ or against the norm – when you look at your astrological chart or Human Design profile you can understand that these are part of your gifts and ways of living on purpose for you in this lifetime. For example, looking at your North and south Node in astrology shows you your struggles of the past, your comfort zone (south node) and the north node is the person you are supposed to become in this life, the way you are meant to find success and fulfillment; it illuminates your calling.

Of course seeing a therapist or practitioner of some sort is also an amazing way of removing blocks and limiting beliefs and connecting with your most authentic, intrinsic self!

Guide yourself – make it sacred ‘work’

It can be easy to fall into perfectionism and being hard on yourself when moving into the depths of your soul or when you feel the call to help & create change. Create guidelines for yourself on how you want to show up & conduct your work such as – only ‘work’ on this when you have that bolt of inspiration and feel guided. Do not force in the way you may with normal work. Breathe your inspiration, abundance & joy into what you are doing & how you do it!

Make sure you research/study/share in the way that is in alignment with what you want to put out there! Energetically this is what people will pick up on when they meet you or interact with what you share. I only ever write, study or send emails from this sacred space.

Most importantly ~ enjoy the journey

Know that you are unfolding and blooming in the most perfect way. Keep reminding yourself to move at nature’s pace. Know that your experiences, pain & shadow are what hold your deepest gifts. Remember there is no one who can do quite what you do when you’ve connected to the most unique & intimate part of yourself. There is more than enough to go around for everyone so support one another! It can take years to find your dharma and often when you do it will continue to evolve just as you do, that is the beauty of life.

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