False Confidence – Noah Kahan l Choreography by Sean Lew l #BABE2019 l Sean & Kaycee

don't take yourself so seriously.

this class meant so much to me and i'm so grateful to be able to share something very special to such a great event. my greatest intention with this piece was creating an experience for two people that were pushed to act vulnerable and silly with each other. to find a way to create a story based off of their own relationship, either if they were close friends or strangers to each other. i started creating this piece in 2018 and kept changing ever since because it was mainly inspired by wanting to make people smile when they start dancing with each other. "false confidence" means to put on a mask that you've given yourself so that people can't tell that you're hurting inside. i wanted people to feel a certain way while watching this piece and understand that whenever you are trying to lift others up, always make sure that you take care of yourself as well and you never sacrifice your own emotions for the sake of other people. the right people will always come back to you and make you feel loved. hope you guys enjoy.

Sean Lew

Sean & Kaycee

Jon Hernandez

Buildabeast Experience 2019

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hi everybody. Thank you for taking the time to watch this very important video of mine. I can't even begin to tell you how long of a journey it's been to get to this stage. To start off, this project is overall a short film. A short film that I have been continuously working on for 2 ½ years now. A short film that revolves around my entire work for the past 3 years. A short film that can hopefully change the perspective of dance and inspire endless numbers of people. I can't say much right now because every part of this film is so different and heart-driven and I want you to experience it in a complete manner, that way everything makes sense.

It's so important to me that I create something that can possibly have the chance to change someone's life. to look at the world differently. to feel something they've never felt before. However, I felt that it was just as important to ask the people that have been a part of my journey, to be involved in the most valuable project of mine. That is why I need your help. It's very challenging to set out every layer of this film myself but your belief and support only motivates me to continue. In the past, I have been able to develop my own project but trust me, this is completely different. It's not just a video or a social media promotion. This is basically my life's work put into motion, and I hope you will believe in this, just as much as I do.

Please donate, or share, or spread the word about this film of mine. I promise you that I won't rest until I'm able to give out the best possible creation that I can possibly create. Thank you so much for your unconditional support and love throughout my journey. It means the entire world to me and I can't put into words about how thankful I am for every single one of you.

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44 thoughts on “False Confidence – Noah Kahan l Choreography by Sean Lew l #BABE2019 l Sean & Kaycee

  1. This is beyond incredible. It is an absolute honor to have provided the soundtrack for such beautiful and masterful movement. This has made my entire year. An honor, thank you.

    1. After seeing this masterpiece with the perfect combination of choreography and music I have become a fan of these two and your music

    1. They’ve been best friends for an eternity and they even have a channel together! I highly recommend checking them out

    2. 他們沒談戀愛,但跳舞時讓每個人都覺得兩個人在談戀愛,保持這樣最好,演戲時要投入,但戲演完,就回歸自我。

  2. Why is no one goning to talk about the facial expressions???! They helped guide the story and they were always on point.

  3. I just saw this and it had me smiling. God put these two dancers together for a reason. Sean and Kaycee flow, so easily. This will forever be one of my favorite dances.

  4. I say it over and over again. Sean Lew is a literal genius. He is other worldly and he is insanely young. You should not be able to have that much knowledge and soul at that age. His choreography is simply stunning and on another level. He is genius in that he can only compete with people decades older than him to put him against others his age is unfair to them.
    And then there is the element of these two together that can only be defined as magic. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are two separate people because they just sort of blend into one person when they dance, it looks effortless (I know they practice insane amounts to get it that way) but even people who practice for weeks or months could not get these moves down. It’s like they just know how the other works. The beauty in their performances always brings me to tears

    1. Yeah, especially with their Without Me dance, the ability to do the dance blindfolded and still be in sync was magical

  5. I can’t describe how deep this has touched me, So powerful, and so inspiring!
    I love you guys, thank you for existing !

  6. These dancers have personality and can dance better than anyone I’ve ever seen, I have watched this dance continually for inspiration

    1. I thought it was just me! I have been watching this for months. Almost once a day. Even if I’m not paying attention to it. I know what’s going on.

  7. Every now and then I come back to this masterpiece and it gives me goosebumps every time! Wonderfully done!

  8. No matter how many times I watch this video I never get bored it’s such a good story and they did so well!!

  9. This video never gets old, it’s amazing how i still feel the same way that when i watched it 2 years ago. I just love this masterpiece, can’t even describe how good this makes me feel.

  10. This dance is such a comfort to me. I would love to learn it one day when I find a partner to dance with

  11. Beautiful performance! So I’ve been struggling to differentiate btwn different types of dancing since I’m not a dancer. Can u pls pls tell me what category of dancing this would fit into??

  12. I ve been watching this, coming to this space from time to time FOR YEARS. It is still one of my favorite pieces of choreography EVER…❤‍🔥🤍 It feels very meaningful❤‍🩹

  13. Doesn’t kinda hurt when you see some people so good at something that they make something hard look easy but also difficult at the same time? I mean the sync is like…better than a mirror’s reflection.

  14. Cara eles são maravilhosos, a gente consegue sentir as emoções na dança, simplesmente esplêndido.

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