/Be Authentic: How To Create Loving Relationships With Yourself, Others, And Life

Be Authentic: How To Create Loving Relationships With Yourself, Others, And Life

To be authentic means to remain true to your own being. To be truthful to yourself. This is a simple truth few rarely understand.

And when you really do that, you won’t have to change others or try to teach others according to your ideas, expectations, or ideology. You can just simply be.

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1) Remain true to your own being and listen to your inner voice

The first thing is to remain true to your own being and to listen to your inner voice; otherwise, your whole life will be wasted. Don’t allow others to manipulate and control you. There are many people that try to control you & change you according to their ideas, ideals, and ideologies. Remember to be true to your inner voice; to be authentic is to be true to oneself. That is what meditation is all about, to learn to listen to your inner voice.

2) Learn to listen to yourself and your feelings

The second thing about authenticity is to learn to listen to yourself and your feelings. The hypocrisy of the society is to teach you to not listen to yourself, to your feelings, and to not show your true self. So each individual becomes like an island, closed and separated. From early childhood, we have been taught to suppress the real. In unconscious and mechanical ways, we go on suppressing, without knowing what we are doing. Listen to the heart, and whatsoever is true, bring it out. And once you know how to be true, it will be so joyful and beautiful that you will never go back to being false. Be true to yourself, that is your responsibility. You are answerable to your own being.

Then life becomes a beautiful mystery to be loved, and not a problem to be solved.



3) Learn to trust yourself

The third thing about authenticity is to learn to trust yourself. If you trust yourself, you can trust people, you can trust in existence. But if you don’t trust yourself, then no other trust is possible. Society destroys your trust at the very roots. Society does not allow you to trust yourself. Society teaches all other kinds of trust: trust in parents, trust in the church, and trust in the state, but the basic trust in yourself is completely destroyed.

Society destroys the basic trust in yourself deliberately, because a man who trusts in himself is dangerous for society. A man who trusts himself is an independent man. Society needs dependent people, who are easy to manipulate and control. This is why society wants to destroy self-trust because an individual who does not trust in himself is shaky and afraid and then he is controllable.

Start trusting yourself. Trusting yourself is a fundamental lesson.

4) Learn to love and accept yourself

The fourth thing about authenticity is to learn to love yourself. If you love and accept yourself, that is the beginning of accepting all. Then all is good as it is, in that experience life takes on new joy, new gratefulness. If you reject yourself, you are rejecting existence. If you accept yourself, you have accepted existence. Then life is good, you feel grateful. Then whatsoever happens is good, because it happens out of the whole.

But you have been conditioned for centuries not to love and accept yourself. Nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are. Once you are incapable of loving yourself, you will never be able to love anybody. You can truly love others only if you are able to love yourself. A person who loves himself sooner or later starts overflowing with love.

Without you, this existence will lose some joy, love, beauty, truth, and poetry. Love and accept yourself and relax into your being, because you are cherished by the whole. Once you start feeling this love and respect of the whole in you, you will start growing roots in your being. Only then you can love people, you can love the trees and the animals.

Love is only possible when there is a deep love and acceptance of oneself, of the other, and of the world. And then you will be surprised:  life is always ready to shower you with gifts. Life is always ready to give abundantly, but we cannot receive it, because we don’t feel that we are worthy of receiving it.

Accept yourself, love yourself, you are God’s creation.