/Balancing The Masculine And Feminine Within: Coming Into Union With Yourself

Balancing The Masculine And Feminine Within: Coming Into Union With Yourself

Balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves can be challenging at times. We each have aspects of the masculine and feminine, whether we are a man or a woman. Our Spiritual Journey is a pathway of embodying both of these aspects and coming into union within ourselves. Today, I am going to speak about how we can bring balance and harmony to our masculine and feminine, and in many ways become whole once more. However, this does not mean you are not whole within yourself already. This is referring to raising your consciousness to a place of Divine Masculine and Feminine as you ascend on your journey.

I’m going to start this article by talking about the conditioned and conscious masculine and feminine that we have been programmed to express in the world. The reason that I am doing this is because when we can reflect upon our conditioning and what has shaped us as men and women, we can transcend our consciousness from the old paradigm to a place of higher consciousness within ourselves as we begin the process of unification.

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The conditioned and conscious masculine

When we look at how men have been conditioned to represent themselves in the world, they have been taught to be the Warrior in society. The Warrior from an archetypal perspective is the man (or women) that fights for what they want in life. They are very much the breadwinner in the family dynamic who brings home the money and supports the family from a financial perspective.

Over the years they have been taught to be strong and not show any sign of weakness, to put on that suit of armor and not let their guard down. This often causes the masculine to wear a mask and not express his emotions for fear of being seen as weak. What tends to happen here is that the masculine can feel a sense of disconnect from himself and the world around him as he is not able to express the fullness of who he is.

I personally believe this is where men can feel lost and alone as outwardly they have to express this strength yet inwardly they harbor pain inside.

The conditioned and conscious feminine

The Feminine is very much the opposite from the Masculine and for the very reason that when they come together they support one another and the needs are often met within the partnership. As with the conditioned and conscious Feminine though, from a patriarchal perspective they have been viewed as loving wife and mother who supports the emotional needs of the family, whether that be for the husband or her children.

What happens is that they will put the needs of others before themselves, which in turn causes them to feel inadequate as if they have become the suffering martyr in their life. Much has changed with the collective conditioning over the years where women have becoming the primary caregiver from a financial aspect, though within the family dynamic they are often still the emotional backbone for the family. The good news is that much has shifted though the conditioning is still very much present within us. The truth is that it can take decades to shift the collective conditioning and though much has changed, we are still clearing beliefs passed onto us from our ancestors.

Over the past century, we have also embodied the masculine ideals from a collective standpoint which in turn can cause us to embody these patterns within us. You will find women that are heavily connected with their inner masculine and men embracing their inner feminine which can bring an imbalance to our Soul as an individual. As we shift our consciousness, our aim is to bring these aspects into balance within ourselves.

Bringing the masculine and feminine into balance and harmony

Masculine man looks over mountains

Masculine man looks over mountains

In order to bring the Masculine and Feminine into balance, you first have to look at the conditioning that has shaped who you are today. This is where you have to reflect upon your upbringing and your family dynamics when you were a child, as you look back you will begin to notice what caused you to become more masculine or feminine dominated. As you reflect upon your past, you will come to realize that there are certain aspects that have been repressed within you that may require healing in order for you to bring them into balance.

You can also connect within yourself to notice the energy that is more dominant within you. If it is the masculine then you work on your feminine expression, if it is your feminine then you look to express your masculine to bring them both into union within ourselves. In order to express both the masculine and feminine from a healthy standpoint, we have to vary it from a higher level of consciousness. Let us explore both the healthy masculine and feminine below:

Embodying the healthy masculine

When you begin your journey in the masculine energy, you will always come from the place of conditioning as this is what has been passed onto you from the society and culture at which you live. This is where you fight for your own needs to become the provider for the family like I mentioned earlier in the article, it is often a place where you place the needs of others before yourself.

As you ascend to a higher level of consciousness as the masculine, your role will become a principled fight for yourself and others. You will abide by the rules of fairness and have an altruistic intent. The healthy masculine will also let his guard down to express his emotions and feelings, show his vulnerability for this is actually his strength. As the masculine begins to do this, they express themselves in an assertive way instead of an oppressive way. The assertive stance shows courage and strength, though it is not overbearing towards others. The healthy masculine is also connected with his inner feminine and brings our his loving and caring side.

In order to embody the healthy masculine, it is essential for you to heal from the conditions that have been placed upon you with regards to conditioned beliefs and heal the repressed and wounded masculine that comes from within you.

But remember, we all have conditioned masculine traits that we are working through in order to embrace the divine masculine that we can all embody.

Embodying the healthy feminine

Feminine woman laughing

Feminine woman laughing

The feminine, much like the masculine can have suppressed and repressed emotions from childhood when it comes to connecting with the feminine. This is in many ways why there are more women expressing masculine energy. Over the years women have been repressed and we have now come to a time where we want to see women rise up from a place of feminine empowerment, to support other women though not suppress men in the process.

In order to do this, you first have to go back to the collective conditioning and what has shaped you into the person you are today. As you reconnect with that, you can shift your consciousness around these situations in order to rebirth and embody new and healthy energy that supports you.

Embodying the healthy and divine feminine is also about learning to care for yourself so that caring for others is enriching and not maiming. It is learning ‘tough love’ by empowering and not doing for others. The feminine is also connected with the intuitive and creative aspects of who you are which requires you to connect within is you discern with what is right and true for you as you follow your heart. Embracing the feminine is to learn the are of surrender as you go with the flow of the universe and allow life to unfold in divine timing.

One thing that I have learned is to also connect with the cycles of the moon as these phases represent rebirth when one cycle ends as another completes. It is at the times of a new or full moon that emotions rise to the surface in order to be healed, this is very much your inner feminine coming out to be seen. The balance of the masculine and feminine in many ways can be represented through the cycles of the moon. As a new moon or full moon appears, you connect and embrace your inner feminine. Once the moon has passed, you can then step into the masculine where you start a new cycle as you go in pursuit of your desires.

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