/7 Soulful Things That Make You Happy In Every Situation

7 Soulful Things That Make You Happy In Every Situation

The most important thing that keeps us happy in every situation in life is a happy mind. A contented mind is a happy mind, and contentment is an outcome of right understanding.

Life is actually very simple! It really is, but we unnecessarily complicate it and make it look far too complex, because of our habit of over-thinking and over-stretching matters, way beyond its normal limit. We ourselves invite pain and misery in life by being adamant, rigid and negative in our approach. So, here are some of the most practical and result-oriented things that we can adapt to keep us happy in every situation:

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1) Adjust everywhere

Conflicts do not occur every day. They occur only when our particular past karma gets ready to give their results. The key is to ‘adjust’ when this happens. If we try to make the world adapt to us, it will make us miserable but take us nowhere. And if we adjust and fit into it, we will learn how to remain happy in every situation, come what may.

The difficulties that we come across are for our benefit, as they mold us into better human beings, provided we have an aptitude for it.

2) Do not hurt

When we do not want to cause hurt to others, it not only prevents binding of new bad karma, but it also sends out positive vibes from us. As a result, others will eventually not want to cause pain to us. Therefore, make a firm decision to not hurt any living being through your mind, speech or conduct.

Whenever any hurt gets caused to someone by us, we will ask God for forgiveness for our mistake. One who does not have a conflict with anyone through even his thoughts remains always happy in every situation.

3) Let go

In every situation, try to let go of your ego, your hurt, your view, and your opinion. One may ask, “Why should I let go? Why not the other person?” The answer is simple – because ‘I’ want to be happy. And when we let go, the other person becomes happy, which in turn will make us happier. Yet, to let go is easier said than done, isn’t it? Let’s see the next step; it should make things easier.

4) The law of karma

Understanding karma is the key to soulful happiness.

Understanding karma is the key to soulful happiness.

Once we understand the basic principle that ‘every situation, be it physical or mental, that we encounter in life is the result of past karma’, life becomes simple. We stop blaming the people or the circumstances or the situations on the outside. We come to know it is us and not them who are really at fault.

When we truly and heartily repent for our mistakes that led to this bad karma, we feel lighter and are able to accept the situation, letting the bad karma pass away patiently and happily.

5) The rule of normality

Any obstruction that we encounter in life is for our own growth and safety. But for these obstructions, we would speed through our way and could meet up with an accident. The obstructions work as speed-breakers to help maintain normality. Normality in any situation gives us long-lasting happiness. Normality takes us all the way to the Self!

6) Know thy Self

One may wonder, “Do I not know my Self?” No! We really do not know the real Self until we find enlightenment. We believe our name and our body to be our identity. It is only when an enlightened teacher graces us with the knowledge that ‘I am the Pure Soul’ and puts in a line of demarcation between the Self (the Soul) and the non-Self (our name, body and everything other than the Soul), does our ignorance of Self leave!

This right understanding of the Self marks the beginning of our real happiness, the happiness after which there comes no unhappiness because the inherent property of the Soul itself is permanent happiness. Difficulties and obstructions in life will continue to come, but dealing with them now becomes easier when we have with us the awareness of the Self.

7) Do not fear

Where there is fear, there can be no happiness. And no matter how hard we try to overcome fear in this materialistic world, it will always remain as everything in here is temporary. Fear leaves when we surrender.

Once we learn to dwell in the Soul, life ceases to be a roller-coaster ride because the Soul is eternal and the Soul is nothing but Pure Love. Where there is love, there is no fear; even if someone berates us or throws us in jail, we do not suffer depression. And where there is no fear of anything in this world, permanent happiness prevails!!!