/11 Signs You Have Met Your FALSE Twin Flame

11 Signs You Have Met Your FALSE Twin Flame

As you awaken, you will meet various soulmates upon your ascension path. I met a person whom I was initially guided to think was my twin flame— all the signs I had read about online that marked a twin flame relationship were present. I experienced synchronicities, a push and pull effect, a kundalini awakening, and intense spiritual growth after meeting him. However, as I got more grounded, I began to realize that this person was not my twin flame, but actually a false twin flame and a karmic relationship.

Here are some signs that were present in my relationship with him that signify a false twin flame relationship:

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1. There are unhealthy cycles that keep repeating

These are known as karmic cycles—they are there to help you clear karma from the past, so that any future relationships you enter into will be more healthy. Every time we talked, we would get into the same unhealthy cycles, even though we vowed not to go there the next time we spoke. It seemed like we were making progress but we slipped back into the cycles and habits every time.

2. One party will be emotionally unavailable and the other will be emotionally over-giving

In my situation, I was emotionally over-giving. I was always ready for a deeper commitment and he never wanted to give it to me. He was never meant to, and that was part of the lesson.

3. The connection is typically highly sexual in nature because there is a codependent connection at the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is where codependency resides, and it is where we form sexual connections to others. It is where our unhealthy childhood attachment issues and wounds reside. The false twin often connects and cords to you at the level of the sacral chakra, and even though you might think you feel unconditional love for them, it is typically more of an obsession/idolization. They might have some sort of addiction to you as well. My false twin and I had a very sexually addictive relationship. Obsessions and addictions also occur in the sacral chakra.

4. They give you excuses as to why they can’t be with you that seem legitimate but they are meant to keep you hanging

They know what to say to keep themselves able to come back and feed off of your energy whenever they are needing a fix. They keep themselves at a distance and come back to you when it’s convenient for them.

5. They are not experiencing a kundalini awakening

It might seem like they are growing with you but this is an illusion— they are feeding off of your healing energy. They are often unaware of kundalini energy or kundalini awakening.

If you've met a false twin flame, you need to let them go.

If you've met a false twin flame, you need to let them go.

6. They ghost you, mistreat you, or don’t want to commit to you

It can be difficult to hear, especially with the depth of feeling these relationships can evoke, but if someone is ghosting you, mistreating you, or does not want to be in a relationship with you, they are reflecting a lack of your own self-worth back to you when you choose to stay in the connection.

7. There is third party energy

They are seeing other people sexually or romantically while connected to you, or they start new romantic relationships while connected to you. They may hide them from you or be open about them. While relationships can be complicated, if they are seeing other people, then they are not taking the connection with you seriously and you should take it as a sign to let them go.

8. Their actions and words do not line up

In my own example, my false twin and I lived far enough apart that it was long distance, but not far enough apart that it was impossible to see each other. He told me on multiple occasions that he would come visit me and never did. It was a sign that we were no longer in alignment to see each other, and also that he was not someone I could trust or be secure with.

9. The unconditional love is one-sided

You might feel like you love them with all your heart, and that when you met you felt an instant connection, but they do not reciprocate the feelings. They might tell you this, and if so you should believe them, or they will show it to you in their actions (or lack thereof).

10. Your spiritual mission feels blocked when you are connected to them

Your purpose is to help others heal and ascend in your own unique way, and if it feels at all blocked while connected to this person, that’s probably because they are taking power away from your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is what you need to manifest ideas into the real world, and if any of that feels blocked, it might be because this person is feeding off of your energy, and you need to prove to the universe that you can stand in your power without them before you will be allowed to proceed.

11. The only way to get the karmic cycles to end is to step into your power and finally tell them off

Mitigating karma is difficult if you don't let go of your false twin flame.

Mitigating karma is difficult if you don't let go of your false twin flame.

I used to read lists online about false twin flames regarding the connection I was experiencing, and I would resonate with them, but something was blocking me from totally believing this person was not my twin…

Perhaps I was naive. I thought he would change and that I could somehow win him over and make him love me, or that one day he would awaken and recognize our connection… but that is not a healthy relationship regardless of if they are your twin flame or not. That is not someone supportive and stable that you want to be with. I’d always been a fairly logical person when it came to love, and I would always wonder why women would stay with a man who mistreated them, but this connection made me see how easily it can happen.

The false twin connection is highly energetic, emotional, and resonates at a soul level, but in terms of logic and anything in the real world, it is not a connection that is meant to last. You need both for a lasting connection. He taught me a lot of lessons I needed to learn, and although the experience was brutal, it truly awakened me to some of my own negative patterns and behaviors that I have been able to let go of and heal from as a result.

If any of these signs resonate with you, it is likely you are experiencing a false twin flame/karmic relationship. This person is not going to change— they are not your true twin flame. The reason you are guided to think they are your twin flame is often because it is the only thing that will get you to stay with them until you have learned whatever lessons you needed tp. This person has served their purpose to awaken you so that you can become a self-healer, and so you can share your message to help others ascend.

The cool part about this ascension path is that every time you meet a soulmate from here on out, and you have many, you will feel a very strong energetic connection. That false twin will be the first, so you might think they are more special than they really are. They will keep themselves at a distance so that you are left hanging, holding onto that special feeling, and wanting more. If you are feeling guided to find information about false twins, it is highly likely that you are experiencing one of these relationships, and in order to move forward, you must increase your own masculine energy and get grounded in reality to see it for what it really is.

As we ascend with these relationships we can often get trapped in the 5D and forget that the 3D is just as important— taking the actions of others at face value rather than purely reading into how the connection feels.