This is how many Rider loose their self confidence// #HoneyBoy

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49 thoughts on “This is how many Rider loose their self confidence// #HoneyBoy

    1. Samaj liya karo bhai.
      They wanted her wanted to spend time with his friend. Lekin he couldn’t tell it in from of him.
      Hum ko tho wo itna rude nahi laga.

  1. It’s not overconfidence.. it’s elder brother relationship with his younger brother never goes alone..

    1. Aree Bhai wo uska dost hai aur bike Wale na bola sirf 1 to dusra dost akele jayega bol k aise kiya

    1. Hey thing, I have also thought in my life that while asking for a lift, it seems that what will people think, what will people say that is why I did not ask anyone for a lift

  2. How did confidence come here…Two friends are walking and one asks for lift and you say you will give lift to only one of them…So the other person doesn’t want you to give his friend a lift because he would have to walk alone…Use some brains also… Don’t just come to senseless conclusions…😑

    1. @[Ⱡ₳ⱠⱠɄ Ø₱] it’s not kind of organic views. We dont see these shorts in feed and get interested and click them. They are forced upon us to see. Its YouTube thing.

    2. @AlphaWitcher yup I also noticed that Don’t know how but we get addicted ( open shorts for 1 and watching it for hours ) This is called addictivation without knowing

  3. You said ‘1’, that’s why the other one denied your lift. The problem is yours. If you don’t want to do tripling, then why do you stop your bike? 🙄🙄😏

    1. Beggars can’t be chosers.

      Those broke kid asking for lift ,not having Money for fare should know most bikes are 2 seaters and it’s not allowed to do trippling.

      Police charges hefty fines which will be paid by biker himself.

  4. When you said only 1, the other guy outsmarted by saying go or else his friend will get a free ride and he has to wait.

  5. He saw his crush coming across with her friends so he decided to just follow them 😂

  6. No bro ..don’t loose your self confidence .. may be he asked you to go because he wanted to go with his friend although his friend was asking for lift. 🙂

  7. Bhai self confidence ke baat nahi hai… tourist places pe native are cautious …. i had face same thing in shimla , it was really very tough to speak to locals kids …. pls dont loose ur self confidence bro

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